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At his practice in Dallas, Dr. Steve Byrd offers tummy tuck surgery as a way to help people get a trimmer midsection. Using his many years of experience as a plastic surgeon, he has the knowledge to guide his patients through their various decisions, skillfully and safely perform their procedure, and ensure the quickest, healthiest recovery.

If a tummy tuck in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area is something you want to learn more about, then come in to talk with plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Byrd. Call (214) 821-9662, or request $100 off your consultation today. Our plastic surgery office is in downtown Dallas on North Central Expressway near the North Park Mall.

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Day 1 – 7
  • Take pain medications as directed.
  • Take antibiotics as directed.
  • Wear an abdominal binder for compression and support.
  • Walk around as soon as possible (you won’t be able to stand erectly at first).
  • Drains remain in place for 3 to 5 days.
Week 2
  • Sutures removed from abdomen.
Week 3
  • Abdominal binder no longer worn.
  • Begin aerobic exercise.
Week 6 – 8
  • Begin stretching and resistance exercises.
  • Begin aerobic exercise.
Month 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Initial post-op photos.
  • Routine checkup.

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